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Giá: 3,200,000 VND


SVAKOM Phoenix Neo is a new line of smart high-end sex toys that has just been released by the world famous sextoy company SVAKOM USA. Phoenix Neo is likened to...
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SVAKOM Phoenix Neo is a new line of smart high-end sex toys that has just been released by the world famous sextoy company SVAKOM USA. Phoenix Neo is likened to a love phoenix full of sophistication and nobility combined with extremely powerful abilities. SVAKOM Phoenix Neo is a line of adult connexion toys, intelligent interactive connection technology.


  • Product Name: SVAKOM Phoenix Neo
  • Material: Silicone, ABS + PC, Metal
  • Dimensions: 118*32*116.3mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Vibration mode: 11
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Usage time: 1 hour
  • Water Resistance: 100%


SVAKOM Phoenix Neo adult toys will synchronize functions with the FeelConnect3.0 smart app on smart phones using iOS or Android operating systems. Just any smartphone that has synced with Phoenix Neo and has the internet can control this smart sex massage machine with divine vibrational frequencies from caressing, erotic caressing to erotic caresses. Vibration is so strong that it overflows with pleasure. The partner will always feel satisfied and happy because he no longer feels lonely, far from his heart even though the couple is tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other.

Real-time interactivity will let you sync with your favorite 2D interactive videos that will give you authentic and novel inspiration.

The interactive webcam feature makes the SVAKOM Phoenix Neo a secret weapon for those who love to perform, express themselves in front of the camera. Through interactive webcam, you can connect more with your fans, feel close, excited to go together to a new joy.

11 different vibration frequencies

The SVAKOM Phoenix Neo sex toy has 11 different vibration frequencies to make your body curve and bounce for a powerful source of pleasure. Each vibration frequency will give you each new feeling of satisfaction. Phoenix Neo is smart enough to know your sexual needs and is ready to tease you just the right way to give you powerful orgasms.

LED lights at the end of the handle with light, luxurious colors will flash in sync with vibration frequencies to show arousal, letting you know what climax you are at before you reach a sensation. endless infatuation. If you want to use it alone and do not need to use a smart phone to control, Phoenix Neo still has a smart S button on the phoenix tail so you can directly control the desired vibration modes through this S button.

SVAKOM Phoenix Neo is built with the most sophisticated technology, all monolithic molded in a premium material, smooth and completely waterproof. The product is easy to clean and sanitize before and after use. SVAKOM Phoenix Neo will be the ultimate sex phoenix, making love with you wherever you like, in bed, in the shower, in the tub or in the pool.

SVAKOM Phoenix Neo adult toy is delicately designed with a convenient magnetic charging port, just place the top of the rechargeable cable near the charging port, it will firmly inhale and supply power quickly and safely.

SVAKOM Phoenix Neo has a unique phoenix shape design that can act as a vibrating egg, a divine fingertip or a powerful vibrating penis. It can easily stimulate any sensitive points on your body including nipples, clitoris and G-spot inside vagina.



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